The Downtown Creative is a combined photographic effort on the behalf of Mike Miriello and Rebekah Budnikas. We're located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. 

What Do We Shoot?

Primarily, we shoot wedding photojournalism, corporate photography, and interior/architectural photography. Let's break it down even further. What's wedding photojournalism and how is it different than traditional wedding photography? Great question. Photojournalism in its purest sense is about telling stories through pictures. Yes, traditional wedding photography can also tell a story. However, the word 'traditional' implies that the photographer is not making every available effort to stay out of the story, and instead they're just supposed to tell it. So what does that really mean? That means almost everything photographed during weddings we photograph are candid images. Our goal is to tell a story and not be a part of it. We zip in-and-out without being noticed, blend in with the crowd, and only ask you to pose when its absolutely essential (think bridal party, family, and couples photos). That's why its more specific than saying 'We're wedding photographers in Harrisonburg' but instead 'We're wedding photojournalists in Harrisonburg' - by knowing we're photojournalists first, you know what our goals for photographing your wedding really are. Corporate photography follows the same line of thinking, but it is by no means photojournalism. The goal with corporate photography is to introduce your clients to your business prior to them ever meeting you in real-life. When clients are vetting their doctors, lawyers, builders, etc, they're scrolling through a variety of websites trying to make sure they feel comfortable with not only your work, but also the staff who runs the business. Those old-timey photos where the person is in front of the tan/grey muslin backdrop are the least inviting photos imaginable. By having a staff member photographed in their office, showing their workspace, perhaps them in a meeting, we actually get to know what that person does and how they work, not just their job title. Interior/Architectural photography is about photographing spaces. Its so much different than wedding photography or corporate photography, its about showing a finished project, how the space is used, what that space says to the world, and the thought-process involved that went into creating that space. 

Where Are We Located?

We're located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We love living and shooting in Harrisonburg. It's an amazing place, almost nothing else like it. You've got mountains on the east, mountains on the west, and a great downtown in the center. Want to know the best part of living in Harrisonburg and being a working photographer? The 2-hour radius between Northern Virginia and Richmond. If we have client in DC, it's a simple car ride. Client in Richmond? Same thing. We're both big fans of living and being photographers in Harrisonburg and still being able to be a part of the happenings both north and south of our area.

Our Portfolio

We're proud of our work, and we hope you enjoy it. Scroll through this page, dig through wedding previews, and read the blog. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our information can be found on the Contact page.