Gold Nikon DF is Everything Wrong with Nikon in 2014

Hit up the link to see what I'm talking about:

So here are the bullet points: it's a Nikon D4 sensor in a compact body (good thing), it's retro looking for no reason whatsoever (bad thing), it's now black and gold (confusing thing), and it's expensive (about $3,250 at the moment). Nobody can really argue with a $3,000 D4 sensor instead of $5,000. I actually think the argument is more against the D4 or D4S and how crazy expensive those cameras are. Yeah, they help capture amazing images. So putting that sensor in a smaller body is a welcome addition. My problem with the DF is that Nikon decided to spend a ton a time and money making a product where the novelty of the camera doesn't serve a new function, and now it has gold trim. It just doesn't make much sense to me. I get that it looks retro and fun, but its groundbreaking feature is a just a throwback body from the mid 1970's, not a feature that will make our production workflows any better. Mirrorless was the big rumor for this one, but nope, it's just your typical DSLR, and it looks chunky without good cause.