The Ongoing Campaign Against Drones

Here's a good piece in Forbes that captures the latest attempt to stifle consumer and professional drones from being used in the US:

For anyone who might not know, photographers use drones frequently to take photos of their subjects (usually buildings in this case, not people) and they abide by the FAA's hobbyist hieght and airport distance restrictions. However, there's a third restriction set forth by the FAA, and that's the one stating that personal aircrafts like drones cannot be used for commercial purposes. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend this particular restriction. Person A could fly over a crowd of people for fun and it's ok, person B can do the same thing to make money and it's illegal. Crazy! It's especially odd because the person who flies for money has more incentive to be trained and insured as they're probably going to want to do business in the future! 

There should be lots more news coming in the future. The FAA has until 2015 to establish commercial regulations and it appears that the White House will be jumping in to help draft those regulations. More to come!