Honors Students in Dominican Republic FlipBook

This is a FlipBook I made telling the story of some of JMU's Honors Students traveling to the Dominican Republic over their Spring Break to complete service work and learn about a different culture. It was a pretty incredible experience. If you get a moment, turn up the volume, sit back, and enjoy.

Best Time to Shoot Film?

Found this recently on The Phobolgopher: http://www.thephoblographer.com/2015/03/27/3-reasons-why-spring-is-the-best-time-to-get-out-and-shoot-film/#.VRl48lx6kUV

Yeah, I'm sorry if I sound like a curmudgeon here, but for the life of me, I still can't wrap my head around this sort of thinking. Last week I was working with an architect and he needed me to photograph some renderings that were too large to be scanned. In the matter of 5 minutes, we shot two large format renderings, imported them into Lightroom, cleaned them up in Photoshop, and loaded them to their new site. I had a mini-epiphany that went something along the lines of 'why in the world are people so in love with film in 2015?'. I get it, nostalgia is a strong force. But here's the thing, that workflow ever could have happened with film. I would have shot the renderings, then what? Drove back to my lab so I could develop them, then scan them in and start the editing process? 

Yes, film looks 'cool'. I get that. But please, please, please stop suggesting people go out and shoot film just for the hell of it. If you want to suggest people do activities to become better photographers, have them shoot meaningful subjects, things that interest them, do post-production tests to learn software. Just don't hide behind 'go out and shoot film and you'll get better', because digital will push you further - way further - and you'll end up learning a great deal more from the experience.