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Corporate Photography in Harrisonburg

I've written about what it's like to be a wedding photographer in Harrisonburg, but what's it like to be a corporate photographer here as well? Well, let me answer that question with a lengthy blog-post ;)

Just like wedding photography, shooting corporate photography is also incredibly satisfying. I really enjoy telling stories through pictures, so applying that concept to businesses is just as rewarding. Every business offers something unique, and its my goal to figure that out and share that fact in a visual manner. Let's take a look at a few different shots and see what we come up with.

First, here's a photo of a heart surgeon beginning his case. When someone thinks about 'heart surgery', what do they normally think? I'd assume they usually think that their chest is open and someone is poking around inside. Blood. Guts. All sorts of nastiness. Since that's not the type of work this doctor does, we need to tell his story to make his prospective patients feel at-ease. He works with technology, he's serious, its incredibly modern, and he looks calm (and not covered in a mess of organs). That's our story, that's what we need to convey.

Corporate Photography in Harrisonburg Heart Surgeon

How about this lawyer? When someone thinks 'lawyer', they think lots of things, and most of them aren't positive. But what if we show this lawyer not as a stereotype, but rather as a person. Let's show him in his work environment, his degrees, and smiling as if he's greeting you through the screen. If you're looking for a lawyer, and you found this one online, you've already broken the proverbial ice and hopefully you feel comfortable before you meet him in person. 

Corporate Photography in Harrisonburg Lawyer

How about this one? A young architect. 'Young' typically indicates a lack of experience. 'Architect' is a very demanding and detail-oriented profession. By knowing that those are possible thoughts going through our viewers' minds, we need to address them immediately. In these photos, 'young' now means full of life instead of inexperienced. We can see that he's working in an unorthodox area to do his sketches, but that's all that's different about the way he works. The second shot should clear up any misconceptions about his abilities as we can see the attention to detail and the number of drafts he goes through to design something for a client.

Corporate Photography in Harrisonburg Architect
Corporate Photography in Harrisonburg Architect 2

Finally, we have a local coffee shop owner. This one image summarizes almost everything you need to know about his coffee shop. The owner works the register, he serves you with a smile, you can see the brand of beans he stocks, and you can see the equipment he uses for brewing. Images convey information as well as emotional responses. The information part was the first part, the emotional response should be this: warm, welcoming, friendly, nice, enjoyable, etc. The images should leave you with a sense of warmth.

Corporate Photography in Harrisonburg Coffee

I love telling stories, corporate photography is another avenue to do just that. 

Stratford Companies Fall 2014 Portfolio Update

This Fall I had the pleasure of creating an updated portfolio for The Stratford Companies (link).

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:

Here's what I like best about the Stratford Companies when it comes to building houses: they do incredible work. I know next to nothing about building houses, except for the part where I come in to photograph the completed project. I've been asked to photograph many finished projects from many different builders and architects, they aren't all as good as The Stratford Companies. Their attention to detail is unparalleled. Not only that, they use super-high-quality materials. Oh, and one more thing - their team is really nice, easy to work with, and is willing to go out of their way to help you whether you're the customer or a vendor.

The Ongoing Campaign Against Drones

Here's a good piece in Forbes that captures the latest attempt to stifle consumer and professional drones from being used in the US: 


For anyone who might not know, photographers use drones frequently to take photos of their subjects (usually buildings in this case, not people) and they abide by the FAA's hobbyist hieght and airport distance restrictions. However, there's a third restriction set forth by the FAA, and that's the one stating that personal aircrafts like drones cannot be used for commercial purposes. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend this particular restriction. Person A could fly over a crowd of people for fun and it's ok, person B can do the same thing to make money and it's illegal. Crazy! It's especially odd because the person who flies for money has more incentive to be trained and insured as they're probably going to want to do business in the future! 

There should be lots more news coming in the future. The FAA has until 2015 to establish commercial regulations and it appears that the White House will be jumping in to help draft those regulations. More to come! 

Non-Alert: Facebook is NOT trying to sell our photos

Great article on Time.com: http://time.com/3615271/facebook-privacy-policy-photos/

The quick-and-dirty synopsis: photographers everywhere have been paranoid about Facebook stealing their photos and supposedly absorbing the copyrights once they're posted on their site. They also think that by writing a one line passage on their wall, it mitigates their terms of service, thus bypassing the end-user-licensing agreement. Time has revealed that Facebook needs to have the clause in their terms, otherwise images can't be posted or shared on their site, and it doesn't even come close to addressing copyright. Just know this photographers, Facebook doesn't absorb your copyright once you post something on Facebook.