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Corporate Photography

The Downtown Creative has been shooting corporate photography for over 10 years. Our approach is all about creating authentic images that tell the story of the client’s business. The client-centered approach allows us to create images that reflect our client’s mission and vision, all without forcing a predetermined style on their visual brand.


Successful ad campaigns start with strategy. The Downtown Creative’s approach to ad campaigns rely on the integration of social media, web, print, and TV - each of these mediums must be considered prior to production to maximize content distribution and overall brand awareness. At The Downtown Creative, we subscribe to the theory of the digital marketing funnel that follows: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Purchase, followed by Retention. We create campaigns that drive Awareness, content that supports the customer through Interest and Consideration, so clients can support them during the Purchase and Retention sales phases.

Real Estate Photography and Videography

The Downtown Creative prides itself in delivering real estate photography and videography services. In fact, the biggest differentiator between The Downtown Creative and other real estate photographers is our intense focus on quality. We scrutinize every single image our team produces to ensure clients are satisfied with their visual marketing materials. Additionally, clients are able to easily order real estate photo/video shoots with our handy request form - just fill it out and we will assign a team member to handle your photo/video needs.

Mike Miriello
Co-Founder, Creative Director


Phone: 540-414-6733

Megan Miriello
Co-Founder, Director of Operations


Phone: 540-246-9773